50th Anniversary Balloons

Countdown to the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Palisades Library on November 15!

The Palisades Library will celebrate 50 years at the V St NW location from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Library Director Richard Reyes-Gavilan will lead a keynote address beginning at 1:30 p.m. A special day of events is planned including technology workshops, local bands, and a puppet show!  See a 3-D printer in action and meet local community groups!  The day's events have been generously supported by the Friends of Palisades Library.
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Open Stories: Poetry, Murals, and Monuments

Petworth Library

Photos of Petworth Showcase

The Petworth community was invited to tell stories of their daily lives through photography this spring. Come see fifty of our favorite photos, curated by the Open Stories committee. Light refreshments will be provided. 
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Artists' Talk for Open Shelves Exhibit

Dialogue with professional book artists and community members who participated in the Open Shelves exhibit. Artists will discuss the handmade artists' books on view as well as community curation, collaborative art, the concept of 'open works' and their experiences creating art and books that grow and change while the exhibit is on view.
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Opening Reception for Open Shelves Exhibit

Join the community in celebrating the opening of the Open Shelves exhibit. Light refreshments will be available.
Image from the BioArt collection, by scientist Paul Odgren

Exhibit Opening: BioArt

BioArt is an exhibit that crosses science with art!  Join us in kicking off this exciting exhibit: Learn about BioArt from a special guest Enjoy fun activities relating to the exhibit, and View the exhibit in the Children's Room This event is recommended for families with children ages 6 and up.More About the Exhibit:

Contributions of African American Women During the Civil War

African American women played a fundamental role in the struggle for freedom during the Civil War Era.  Among their contributions, they served as nurses and cooks; operated as spies, scouts and couriers; and supported black troops in many ways.
Dorothy I Height and other leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. (L toR), Roy Wilkins, Floyd McKissic, Dorothy Height, A. Philip Randolph, Whitney Young, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Council for United Civil Rights Leadership. 1963.

Dorothy I. Height: Photo Exhibit

Visit the library to see an exhibit of photos collected by the National Archives for Black Women's History, depicting the public and private life of civil rights icon, Dorothy I. Height.
Social Justice Sneakers exhibit

Social Justice Sneakers: Walk in Someone Else's Shoes

In Celebration of King Week and Black History MSocial Justice Sneakers:   Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes   On display in the  GREAT HALL   Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library  January 19 – February 28, 2016  ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: