Pop Movie of the Month

Pop Movies, Every Tuesday presents a special Pop Movie of the Month in celebration of National Bike Month.See Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Wole Parks dash through the streets of Manhattan as bike messengers, with a dirty cop (Michael Shannon) in hot pursuit!For more information, call 202-727-1291.Explore other National Bike Month events.

Fantasy Flicks

Join us for a film realization of Michael Crichton’s influential 1990 novel Jurassic Park.  In the book, a small team of genetic scientists get more than they bargained for when they create an island wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs.

Friday Matinee Movie!

Weekly movies are back! Come join us on Fridays to watch movies on the BIG screen!

Anime Saturdays

Film will be playing in the Large Meeting Room.

Film Screening: Preservation of the Sign Language (1913)

George W. Veditz' historic 1913 silent film Preservation of the Sign Language will be shown in the Great Hall.The film is in American Sign Language with no voice or captions. ASL/Voice interpreters will be present. Printed copies in English of the film transcript will be available.Discussion to follow film.

June Films: Twinkle Toes

Dance the night away with movies about the joy of motion.

May Films: The Silver Screen

Four films about aging in honor of Older Americans Month.

Pop Movies, Every Tuesday

                                                                                             Pop Movies, Every Tuesday

The Washington Coliseum, The Forgotten Landmark

A screening of the documentary about Washington Coliseum, or Uline Arena, by filmmaker Jason Hornick, followed by a panel discussion.

Read the Book First! Book Club + Film Series

They always say the book is better than the movie. But, is it? Check out the Read the Book First! Book Club + Film Series to decide once and for all if “they” are always right or not!For the Film Series portion of this program, we’ll be viewing and discussing the film adaptations of the following books: