Educational Programs

Washington Area Bicycle Association

Everyday Biking Workshop with WABA

Ever considered biking to the store to save time? Or biking to work to save money? Or maybe you just want to get out and exercise and be outside more? 
Washington Area Bicycle Association

Family Biking Workshop with WABA

Join Kidical Mass organizers and WABA for an interactive workshop on biking with children. We'll go over the ins and outs of family-friendly bikes and equipment, packing, preparation, and riding confidently and comfortably with children. 

Self-Publishing 101

Meet the Espresso Book Machine, learn about the process and basics of self-publishing at the DC Library Press, and find out more about formatting resources. Class attendance is required to print your work. Upcoming sessions can be found in the Library's online calendar.

Self-Publishing 202

Come receive instruction about how to format materials for the Espresso Book Machine using MS Word during this two-part class. 202 covers section breaks, table of contents, headers/footers, page numbering, and saving your work.

Self-Publishing 201

Come receive instruction about how to format materials for the Espresso Book Machine using MS Word during this two-part class. 201 covers online resources as well as page layout adjustment, paragraph styles, and page breaks.

Getting Started with Constant Contact Event Spot (Registration Required)

Let Constant Contact’s local expert guide you step-by-step in how to quickly, easily set up your next event in Constant Contact’s EventSpot.Register Now Registration is limited to 36 participants and workstations will be assigned to registered participants first. Walk-in participants are welcome and all participants can feel free to bring their tablets or laptops.

Campaigns that Drive Action - Events and Registration (Registration Required)

Let Constant Conact introduce you to the campaigns that drive action — collections of marketing activities that help a small business or organization to achieve its goals and objectives. One important campaign type revolves around Events and Registration.  Learn some great new strategies to promote your next event and to set up an online registration process that helps your event succeed.Register Now
google and dcplf logos

Google for Nonprofits Training

You are changing the world and changing your community right here in the District of Columbia. We want to help.
Young with Money

Young with Money: Financial Literacy for Millennials

After a few years of (hopefully) regular paychecks, are you starting to wonder what to do with your hard earned savings? Does your growing savings account make you worry about homebuying or retirement? Are you concerned about your parent's financial future? Dominique Broadway, financial advisor and founder of Finances Demystified, is a millennial specialist and millennial herself. She will offer an overview of basic financial skills, tips on budgeting, and long-term saving plans.
poetry on film

Poetry on Film Series: In Extremis: On Poetry, Subversion & Violence

Stephen Burt, Joyelle McSweeney, and Johannes Göransson, discuss the pros and cons of poetry breaking its bounds and seeking new extremes. (2014 - 76 minutes.) Courtesy of The Woodberry Poetry Room, Harvard University