Educational Programs

poetry on film

Poetry on Film Series: The Poet's Voice

CD Wright (One With Others) and Jared Stanley (Book Made of Forest), explore concepts of the individual in local and global environments. (2014 - 52 minutes.) Courtesy of The Woodberry Poetry Room, Harvard University
stories untold

Book Signing: Stories Untold with Stacey Price Brown, Ph.D.

All are encouraged to come and learn about different insightful and inspirational stories of high-achieving D.C.-area students.   Dr. Brown will share how students can stand out during the admissions process. In addition, there will be a raffle for a counseling session. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!  
BAM - comic book sound effect graphic

Careers in Comics Panel Discussion and Portfolio Review

Want to make comic books for a living? Have your stuff reviewed by pros in the field? Come meet working writers, artists and more on Saturday, April 11. Guests include: Shannon Gallant, illustrator for Marvel and Dreamworks

Health Literacy for Healthy Living

Learn to find and assess quality online health information. This class will be 2.5 hours. Seats will be filled on a first-come, space-available basis. Instructors: A. Muhammad, PIA International, Inc. Computer Lab, Room 311 Required Skills: The ability to read and comprehend English well, and the skills acquired in PC Basics, Word I Basics and Web I Basics. You will learn to: Navigate medical websites. Evaluate medical websites for updates and active links. Research personal health issues.

Meet, Learn, Know: Career, Education, Vocation

Professional development is important at any stage of a person's career. It helps to learn new job skills in competitive economic times. This class will cover materials that can enhance your résumé, from education and certification resources to occupation overviews and tips for the job search. This class will be held in the MLK Computer Lab, Room 311. Please register here.
learn a new hobby

Meet, Learn, Know: Learn a New Hobby

"Anyone who keeps learning stays young." -- Henry Ford Learning a skill or hobby does more than add to someone's personal education. Becoming adept at something brand new helps keep the brain sharp and improves neuroplasticity throughout the lifetime. This class will introduce students to databases with instructor-led courses on a variety of subjects as well as databases with materials to help novices and experts alike.
language learning

Meet, Learn, Know: Language Learning

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."  -‒ Nelson Mandela Communication in another language lets people from different places find commonalities. DC Public Library has wonderful resources for people who want to explore the world by speaking new languages.  
business and personal finance

Meet, Learn, Know: Business and Personal Finance

Explore and compare detailed profiles of national and global companies. Make informed decisions about investments. Read business handbooks. Devise a business plan. Get tips on management. DC Public Library's Business and Personal Finance databases are filled with information for analysis.  This class will be held in the MLK Computer Lab, Room 311. Please register here.
financial literacy

Meet, Learn, Know: Financial Literacy

Personal financial management depends on using all the tools available to become money smart. This workshop will be led by a special guest speaker from Capital Area Asset Builders. CAAB is a local organization that helps people plan for the financial future. This class will be held in the MLK Computer Lab, Room 311. Please register here.
readers resources

Meet, Learn, Know: Readers' Resources

Find a new favorite book. Get to know a favorite author. Explore genres and publishing trends. Books are a mainstay of libraries, and DC Public Library has databases for readers of all ages and interests.   This is the final class meeting of the Spring 2015 Meet, Learn, Know: Lifelong Learning course. This session will conclude with a course wrap-up and final thoughts from the instructors.