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Cybersecurity 202: Encrypt Your Data

In Cybersecurity 101: Protect Yourself Online, you learned the basics of keeping your online privacy intact. (If you didn’t, that’s OK. You can still take this class.) What about the files that live on your physical device, and/or in the cloud?
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Silly Dummy, Tricks are for Bridge

Bridge can be enjoyed as a casual matchup with friends, a game with money on the table, or as a club or tournament competition. Whatever level appeals to you, this class will get you started with the basics. We’ll go over the rules of bridge, basic scoring, bidding, and card play. If you’ve played some trick-taking card games like “Hearts” or “Spades,” you’ll have a bit of a headstart, but no prior experience is necessary. Before you know it, you may wander into work or class bleary-eyed from a bridge all-nighter.
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Cybersecurity 101: Protect Yourself Online

Ever since the Snowden news broke in 2013, issues of individual online privacy and security have attracted unprecedented attention. (Especially when Jennifer Lawrence is involved.) Technical security topics are often presented as black and white: Either an individual is totally vulnerable and clueless, or he/she is a super-secure, badass hacker.
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Writing Science for the Masses

Many scientists do amazing things, then write about them in a way that is comprehensible only to a handful of other experts. How do you tell a compelling science story to broader audiences, such as policy makers and the general public? In this class, we’ll analyze an exemplary piece of popular science writing, as well as workshop pieces written by students. We’ll also talk about strategies for placing stories with newspapers, magazines, and blogs.
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Global Climate Change: Challenges Now and in the Future

Join Dr. Robert Beauchamp, retired Professor and Director of the Environmental Studies and Management Program at UMD for a lecture on global climate change.   Dr. Beauchamp will discuss topics related to this pressing issue and answer any questions Mt. Pleasant community members might have. Come learn about and discuss:
March on Washington

District of Change: Is D.C. Still Chocolate City?

In honor of Black History Month, the first District of Change of 2015 will explore: Is D.C. Still Chocolate City?  The District of Columbia has always been rich in black culture and history. How will the more recent years of urban development and gentrification alter the racial, cultural, and political map of our city?
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Sonnet Reading

Readings from the new sonnet issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly, featuring Washington, DC-based poets Holly Bass, Holly Karapetkova, and Melanie Henderson
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Africa

Facing The Rising Sun: The Forgotten Story of Dr. King & Africa

Noted, local, award-winning international lecturer, author and historian of the African Diaspora, C.R. Gibbs, will lecture on the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Woodridge Interim Library. Best for ages 13 and older.

Coffee 101

Are you passionate about your coffee? Do you dream about the perfect cup of Joe? Then join us for Coffee 101 as we welcome Compass Coffee’s lead roaster Brandon Warner and co-founder Michael Haft for an engaging lecture/presentation on the history of coffee, the various regions where it is grown and harvested, and the process of the perfect roast. The program will culminate in demonstrating a number of brewing methods as well as a cupping/tasting of selected blends.