After-School Halloween Fun Stories

Decorate with face paint, and share a funny story. Light snacks and pictures to take home. Ages 7 - 13.

Be Creative Saturdays

Monthly Saturday programs that encourage children to be creative through art, music, drama, literature and dance. Ages 6 - 12.

Stories by Hand

Explore American Sign Language through music and stories with Kathy MacMillan. Ages 7 - 10.

Fast Freddy the Clown

Reinforce your child’s learning with the antics of Fast Freddy the Clown—Alfredo Bess. His comedic magic presentation and artistic talent captivate audiences. Ages birth - 14 years.

The Nicolo Whimsey Show

This show combines juggling, music, poetry and storytelling. Children are encouraged to discover their creativity. Ages 4 - 9.

Mr. Skip - Hot Tunes for Cool Kids

Sing and shake to Mr. Skip’s rhythmic tunes. Ages 4 – 8.

Theatre Games that Build Stories

Express yourself through acting, writing and directing with Jim Zidar. Ages 8 - 14

Baby/Toddler Story Time

Story time for ages birth to 36 Months.

Family Story Time

All ages gather together to enjoy stories and other early learning activities.

Baby Lap Time

Babies enjoy books, rhymes, songs and other activities on the laps of their parents or caregivers.