Celebrate National Gaming Day

On National Gaming Day, take a break and play games from past to present. Board games and Wii games will be available for kids and teens.

Get Crafty: Dia De Los Muertos

Learn about the Day of the Dead and create a craft.Ages 8 -- 18.

Afternoon Crafts: Thanksgiving

Celebrate Thanksgiving a day early! Join Ms. Lorraine for crafts and stories.Ages 6 -- 12.

Afternoon Crafts: American Indian Heritage Month

Create crafts and hear stories to celebrate American Indian Heritage Month.Ages 6 -- 12.

Saturday Get Crafty: All Things Fall

Create Fall-inspired crafts at the library.Ages 8 -- 18.

Saturday Get Crafty: Dream Catchers

Create your own dream catcher and learn about American Indian Heritage Month.Ages 8 -- 18.

Get Crafty: Adinkra Stamp Valentines

Celebrate Black History Month and Valentine's Day by creating valentines with handmade Adinkra stamps.Ages 8 to 18.

What Are We Thankful for ?

What are we thankful for?  Why do we go from Halloween to Christmas and forget Thanksgiving? For grades 1-4.

Children's Book Club (Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl)

Read "Fantastic Mr. Fox," then meet at the library to discuss the story over pizza. We will also watch the 2009 film adaptation of the book.This event will take place in the large meeting room on the lower level.Ages 8-12. Groups please call to register.

Martin's Big Words

We will honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy by reading "Martin's Big Words". Make a birthday card for Dr. King, or draw a picture of what Dr. King's words and deeds mean to you. In the children's programming room on the second floor.