Blue Sky Puppet Theatre "If Pigs Could Fly"

Travel with friends Chester, Buster and Suzy Pig as they go to the library to participate in Summer Reading, “One World, Many Stories.” After talking to the Children’s Librarian, Mrs. Picklebottom, about their fantasy of flying to foreign countries to hear native stories, she suggests a staycation instead and recommends they read about the countries they want to visit. Ages 3 - 8.

Cooking in Antarctica: Make Your Own Solar Oven

Learn what it takes to survive in Antarctica. Physics teacher Katey Shirey shares stories and video from her recent trip to the South Pole to work on the IceCube neutrino research project. Construct your own pizza box solar oven to capture infrared radiation and cook solar s’mores. Ages 8 - 12.

Preschool Story Time

Babies and toddlers (birth to 36 months).

Summer Reading Kick-off Program

Preschool story time and coloring craft.

Tales for Fours and Fives

Special summer Story Time for children ages 4 to 5.

Bilingual (Spanish/English) Story Time

Bilingual (Spanish/English) Story Time for all ages. Will also be offered Thursday, July 14, and Thursday, August 18, at 11 a.m.

Bilingual (Spanish/English) Story Time

Bilingual (Spanish/English) Story Time for all ages. Will also be offered Thursday, August 18, at 11 a.m.

Travel the World with a Librarian - Europe

Travel to Europe through stories and activities. Ages birth - 5.

Create Your Own Superhero with Artist Maryanne Pollock

Participate in a comic book character workshop. Create your own superhero character with a secret and public identity, costume and mission. Draw superheroes with exaggeration, expression and movement. Coordinate the action of the figure with dialog bubbles. Also, learn the origins of superheroes from around the globe and discover how they are similar or different. Ages 6 - 12.