Fast Freddy the Clown

Reinforce your child’s learning with the antics of Fast Freddy the Clown—Alfredo Bess. His comedic magic presentation and artistic talent captivate audiences. Ages birth - 14 years.

Mr. Derby’s Jam Session

Sing and dance to classic nursery tunes performed live with Derick Riley. Ages 4 - 8.

The Shadow Puppet Workshop

Learn the art of shadow puppetry and watch a puppet show with Daniel Barash. Ages 4 – 8.

Saturday Crafternoon

Make simple story-inspired or seasonal crafts. Ages 4 and up.

Oh Susannah!

Sing, clap and tap along with Susan McNelis, an award-winning singer, songwriter and guitarist. Age 4-9.

Saturday Crafternoon

Make simple story-inspired or seasonal craft. Ages 4 and up.

I Wish, I Dream, I Promise: Make a Book

Listen to Sushmita’s story about how she got her Buddhist prayer wheel in a tiny village 10,000 feet above sea level in the mountains of India. Learn how it inspired her to create a book of wishes and how to make your own. Ages 8 - 12.

Travel the World with a Librarian: Asia

Travel to Asia through stories and activities. Age birth - 5.

Blue Sky Puppet Theatre "If Pigs Could Fly"

Travel with friends Chester, Buster and Suzy Pig as they go to the Library to participate in Summer Reading, “One World, Many Stories.” After talking to the children’s librarian, Mrs. Picklebottom, about their fantasy of flying to foreign countries to hear native stories, she suggests a staycation instead and recommends they read about the countries they want to visit. Ages 3 - 8.

Coyaba Dance Theater

Coyaba Dance Theater brings the spirit of Africa and its traditions to DC Public Library. Experience traditional West African dancing and drumming that depict the daily life of African culture. The performance includes an historic overview and audience participation.