Percy Jackson Series Book Club

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief takes the reader on an adventure where adolescent heroes travel across the globe to save the one person that Percy values most in life: his mother.  Join me in a discussion comparing the book and movie.      

Polar Express Film

Have you ever wanted to travel to the North Pole? Hey, do you want to know a secret?                       You know who will be there!  Shhh. Tick Tock!   Tick Tock!   Choo-Choo!!  Hop on board the express train as we take a wild adventure to the North Pole.

Storyteller: Cheryl "Sparkle" Mosley

Please join us for a live storytelling performance by Cheryl "Sparkle" Mosley, the Story Dove.  This special one hour performance is a part of the Black Storytellers series taking place between November 9th and 15th at participating DC area libraries.  This program is made possible thanks to our partnership with the National Association of Black Storytellers
Book cover-The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Happy Birthday C.S. Lewis

You are cordially invited to a celebration of  C.S. Lewis' 117th birthday. Travel through the wardrobe with us to celebrate The Chronicles of Narnia author's big day! 


This rat (Remy) was so inspired by his favorite chef Auguste Gusteau to do what he loves most —-to cook. His family and friends thought that he was weird for being a rat who wanted to cook. But every day he watched Chef Auguste Gusteau talk about why it’s so important to believe in yourself, and Remy knew nothing is impossible. Join us for our movie  program.      

November Coding Contest

Throughout November, we are having a coding contest at the Southeast Library. Here's how it works: 1. Make a game, music video, or animation using the educational coding language scratch found at  If you are a first time coder, there are lots of beginner tutorials on Scratch's website, plus, it is designed to be easy to learn!

Crafty Thursday at Afterschool Lounge!

Come join us in the large meeting room on the second floor for a craft activity during Afterschool Lounge. This week we will be making recycled crayon candles! Ages 11-19. 
International Games Day Logo 2015

International Game Day Celebration

International Games Day is a chance to celebrate games, libraries, and the communities that enjoy both. On Saturday, November 21, people and libraries all over the planet will join together to celebrate the mutually-reinforcing power of play and learning.  We'll have both board games and some Wii games, so join us for some fun Lamond-Riggs neighborhood library!

Tenley Kids' Garden Project: Daffodil Bulbs

What’s brown, sleeps underground in winter, and wakes up in spring, all yellow and green?  Daffodils!