The Ask Rayceen Show

The Ask Rayceen Show is a monthly meeting at the library with the LGBT community, hosted by Rayceen Pendarvis with Turner Freeman.Held every first Monday in Auditorium A-5.    

Bold Soul Sisters: Black Women Activists of the 19th and 20th Centuries

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, join us for a lecture by noted speaker, exhibitor of artifacts and historican C. R. Gibbs.His presentation will shed light on the overlooked role of black women in the fight for civil and social justice.

Author Talk: Scott D. Seligman

Join us for an author talk with Scott D. Seligman, author of The First Chinese American: The Remarkable Life of Wong Chin Woo.

Muslim Journeys: American Muslim Women Seeking Change

Zainab Alwani, Assistant Professor Islamic Studies, Howard University School of Divinity

Tenley Author Series: 'A Woman of Angkor,' John Burgess

In a village behind a towering stone temple of twelfth-century Cambodia lives a young woman named Sray. Her beauty and spiritual glow lead neighbors to compare her to the heroine of a Hindu epic. But in fact her serenity is marred by a dangerous secret. One rainy season afternoon she is called to a life of prominence in the royal court. There her faith and loyalties are tested by attentions from the great king Suryavarman II.

Know Your Neighborhood: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Columbia Heights

The Know Your Neighborhood program series continues with an encore presentation of Brian Kraft's wildly popular lecture, "The Rise and Fall and Rise of Columbia Heights."

The Abbe de L'Epee as Seen Through the Eyes of Yvonne Pitrois

The Abbe de L'Epee, as seen through the eyes of Yvonee Pitrois, noted deaf-blind biographer of the early 20th century, with author and retired Gallaudet University Professor Rachel M. Hartig. ASL and Voice interpreted. The presentation will be in room A-10.For more information, call 202-559-5368.

Mrs. Sigourney of Hartford: Poems and Prose of the Early American Deaf Community

Experience the poetry and prose of the "Sweet Singer of Hartford," who was also the first teacher of Alice Cogswell, the 19th-century deaf girl famous as a student of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc. Editors Edna Edith Sayers and Diana Moore will discuss and sign copies of their book on this fascinating woman.  ASL and voice interpreters will be at the event, which will be in Room A-10.For more information, call 202-559-5368

Symphony in Black

Happy Birthday to the Duke!Please join us as we celebrate the birth of legendary D.C. native, Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, with the 1935 Ellington film, Symphony in Black: A Rhapsody of Black Life.WPFW radio personality, Rusty Hassan, will lead a discussion afterwards.In the Black Studies Center, Room 316.

The Wormleys: Free Black Washingtonians in the Civil War Era

Join us in the Great Hall as Donet D. Graves, Esq. brings forward the story of the Wormley family and their experiences as free blacks in Washington during the Civil War era. He will present the relatively unknown tale of how this family was deeply involved with the daily life of people of influence in the city at this time of strife, both locally and nationally.