Image of book cover for "A Woman of Valor: Clara Barton and the Civil War"

Clara Barton: An American Life

How did a shy girl, born on a New Englad farm in 1821 break through social barriers, and become the Founder of the American Red Cross? Join us for an illustrated talk about the life of Clara Barton, highlighting her many years of public service, her work on the battlefields of the Civil War, and her leadership of an organization that still helps people today.
Harry Potter GlassesGinny WeasleyYoung Harry Potter

When Fandom Wears a Cap and Gown: Academic Perspectives on Harry Potter

Fans of Harry Potter have created everything from handicrafts and artwork to websites and conventions. What happens, though, when those fans have advanced and apply the questions of their academic disciplines to the story of the boy who lived?
C.R. Gibbs

The Scramble for Africa in the 21st Century

In celebration of Black History, please join us for a lecture titled, "The Sramble for Africa in the 21st Century" by renowned author and historian C.R. Gibbs at the Francis A. Gregory Library. The lecture will be held in the second floor meeting room. 
African Diaspora Map

The African Presence Around the World: Past and Present

In celebration of Black History, please join us for a lecture foccussing on the African presence around the world by renowned author and historian C.R. Gibbs at the Francis A. Gregory Library. The lecture will be held in the second-floor meeting room. 
Dominique Broadway, Personal Finance Coach

Get Your Money Right

Join Dominique Broadway, a dynamic and savvy personal finance powerhouse, for a financial checkup workshop and learn how to get your money right in 2015. Dominique has received national acclaim from Money Under 30 and Smart CEO. During the workshop, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the following topics: Building a strong financial foundation Saving Strategies Managing Credit and Debt Investing and Retirement
William R. Martin

Is Stand Your Ground Law a Great Idea Today?

 In celebration of 2015 Black History Month, renowned trial lawyer William R. “Billy” Martin will discuss the topic "Is Stand Your Ground Law a Great Idea Today?" Mr. Martin, a guest commentator for MSNBC’s PoliticsNation during the George Zimmerman (Trayvon Martin) trial June to July in 2013, focuses on complex civil and white collar litigation before state and federal courts. He has tried more than 160 cases that have involved large corporations and high profile figures.
A Vegan Life logo

A Vegan Life Seminar

Want to hear more about the health benefits of being vegan? Are plant-based diets the best way to reverse disease?
Image of Climate March Protesters

Global Climate Change: Challenges Now and in the Future

Join Dr. Robert Beauchamp, retired Professor and Director of the Environmental Studies and Management Program at UMD for a lecture on global climate change.   Dr. Beauchamp will discuss topics related to this pressing issue and answer any questions Mt. Pleasant community members might have. Come learn about and discuss:

Omnibus Lecture Series: Selections From the National Library of Medicine Film Collection

Are you a fan of quirky medical cinema? Can't get your fix at the local IndieKinoPlex? Want to outnerd the wonkiest of your friends? Stop by the Georgetown Neighborhood Library for a screening of Selections From the National Library of Medicine Film Collection, featuring Michael Sappol of the National Library of Medicine. 
March on Washington

District of Change: Is D.C. Still Chocolate City?

In honor of Black History Month, the first District of Change of 2015 will explore: Is D.C. Still Chocolate City?  The District of Columbia has always been rich in black culture and history. How will the more recent years of urban development and gentrification alter the racial, cultural, and political map of our city?