Urgent Pet Care 101

Urgent Care 101: How to identify potential problems with your petJoin Drs. Jennifer Gonzales and Nicola Moore from the Friendship Hospital for Animals as they cover key symptoms to look for when determining if you should seek veterinary care sooner rather than later. Topics will range from how to assess your pet's vital signs to identify pain or distress.This talk is free and open to the human public - no pets please!

Frederick Douglass: A Man of All Seasons

Frederick Douglass is considered one of America's greatest figures of the 19th century. Through sheer determination, he rose from slavery to become an abolitionist and statesman. He lived the last 18 years of his life in the Anacostia neighborhood (Cedar Hill estate) of Washington, D.C.

Author Talk: Carolyn Morrow Long

Have you been Watching American Horror Story this season?Truth sometimes is much stranger than fiction.

Fifth Annual Moving Forward Together: Secondary Transition Fair & Community Forum

Program to help students with IEPs, 504s and disabilities learn about how to successfully transition into employment, education and independence.

History and Etymology of American Sign Language

Celebrate Clerc-Gallaudet Week (Dec. 1-7)!Linguist Emily Shaw, Ph.D., will speak on the history of American Sign Language (ASL) and its roots in French Sign Language (LSF).  ASL and voice interpreters will be present.Adaptive Services Division, Room 215More information, call 202-559-5368, voice or videophone.

Visual Thinking Strategies as a Means to Meet Common Core Standards with Philip Yenawine

During this day of professional development for school library media specialists, public librarians, art teachers, and museum professionals, Philip Yenawine will offer an interactive demonstration and analysis of Visual Thinking Strate

2013 Mayor’s Annual Disability Awareness Expo

This free event is for all the D.C.

What Is Art For? With Philip Yenawine

This presentation from veteran museum educator Philip Yenawine will branch from the philosophical (what is art for?) to the practical (how to create empowered viewers and effective thinkers).