Summer Reading

ARRGGGHH! Pirates of the Caribbean Marathon

Come join us for a Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon starting at 1 p.m.! 

Google Maker Camp

Francis Gregory Library is now a site for Maker Camp

Arianna Ross - Story Teller

Story Teller Arianna Ross will present the program Earth Adventure. Travel around the earth using your imagination, voice and body. Discover the many magical mysteries of this amazing earth.  Whether you swim in the ocean, hike in the mountains, play in a park or dance in a river, you can hear the earth’s special symphony singing your ears.        Ages 6- 12

Forensic Mystery Workshop

Have you ever watched an episode of Bones or CSI and wondered how the forensic scientists are able to identify someone using just a tooth? Come to the Forensic Mystery Workshop! This program is a science workshop designed to teach teens about forensic science in a hands on way. Teens will get the chance to examine a set of bones and other evidence to determine the identity of an unknown person.

Reel Readers Family Movie

Come to the library and enjoy a double feature...we will read

Tasting Coffee

DC has more good coffee than ever with gourmet coffee shops popping up every day, and the range of deliciousness is huge. Join us for two Saturdays of fun, guided tasting activities with our friends from Peregrine Espresso and MadCap Coffee.

Origami Animals

Origami Animals is an art program in which children will learn to make animals out of paper.  Each Tuesday in August (with the exception of August 26) they will learn to make progressively more difficult origami.  We encourage to children to attend all three programs, but just dropping in to one or two of them is fine.

Art Attack: Beading

Art Attack:  Every month teen can delve into a different type of art project at Art Attack in the teen space.  On Wednesday, August 6th we will be making bead earrings and animals.