Summer Reading

Civil War Medicine

Kyle Wichtendahl from the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, MD will be speaking about Civil War medicine.  Learn about the challenges faced by doctors, nurses and surgeons during the Civil War, while learning about innovations that let to modern military medical systems.

Summer Science: Flyers and Gliders

Using the concepts of lift, drag, thrust, and gravity, design your own paper glider or plane.  Then, test whose aircraft can stay in the air the longest.  All ages are welcome.  Registration is required.

Forensic Mystery Workshop for Teens

Explore the intriguing field of forensic science!  

Database Demonstration: Freegal and Zinio

Library staff will lead a demonstration on navigating the Freegal music and Zinio magazine resources: come learn how to download and stream millions of songs and over 100 magazines for FREE! Adults and teens can also use the training to help them fill a block or earn a badge toward their summer reading goals.

Wii & the Physics of Dance

Come join the Teen Summer Reading Fun!  Wii Dance Moves & the Physics of Dance: Teens will have fun playing Just Dance on the Wii, and they'll learn about the physics of dance. Teens will earn a Game On Badge towards their summer reading progress!   

S.T.E.M. Summer Fun

Are you interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and/or Mathematics?

Paper Rollercoasters

Teens will create paper roller coasters using paper, tape, and marbles.

Game Nights @ Deanwood

The Deanwood Library will be hosting two game nights with Wii and board games! Teens are welcome to join us on July 2 and July 23 at 3 p.m.! 

Japan in a Suitcase

The Japan-American Society of Washington DC  packs a little bit of Japan in a suitcase and brings it to area children. This interactive program promotes understanding of Japan and Japanese culture to children through hands-on activities, games and demonstrations. 

Button Making Extravaganza!

Teens are welcomed to join us this Wednesday for a button making session! The program is FREE and materials will be provided! Make a button showing off your summer reading badges or your own custom design, it's up to you!