Family Science Fun Day - Make Your Own Rain Gauge

Join NASA’s Global Precipitation Measure Mission! Discover the importance of collecting information about rainfall by building and testing your own rain gauge.

Truck Farm

Presented by DC Central Kitchen and The People's Garden, the Truck Farm is a traveling, edible exhibit that allows D.C.’s youth to really dig in to the source of the food that fuels their growing bodies and minds.Join us to learn about yummy plants and see how they can be used.  Each session will include a tasting!

Sundown Science

Ages 4 and up are invited to explore scientific concepts and conduct fun experiments. Learn about color pigments and chromatography and watch as black ink transforms into different colors.

Sundown Science

Ages 4 and up are invited to come explore scientific concepts and conduct fun experiments. For the final week of this program we will learn about catapults. Participants will create their own specimens and test them with a variety of safe materials.

Pacific Rhythms

Enjoy an engaging performance of dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands and Samoa with authentic costumes. Learn how science and technology has influenced Island life. Watch a demonstration of the primitive way of husking, cracking, shaving and milking a coconut.Ages 6-12

LEGO Builders

LEGO Builders is a free-play session using large Duplo LEGO building blocks, for ages 1½ and up.

Button Art

Tweens and teens will make buttons of their own design with a button maker.  Teens can make the Summer Reading badges they earn into buttons to show their progress!

Art Attack

Art Attack:  Tweens and teens will make wallets, pens and more out of duct tape of all colors and patterns.