Signs Under the Sea - Kathy MacMillan

Dive into splashy stories, songs and fun activities that explore the world of underwater animals through American Sign Language. Ages 3 and up.

Splash the Water Dude - Ray Owen

Board a musical voyage with an award-winning performer who will navigate you through a waterway of songs and activities. Ages 3 and up.

Summer Reading Kick-Off

Sign up for Summer Reading, and enjoy crafts, giveaways and snacks. All ages.

Travel the World with a Librarian: Asia

Travel to Asia through stories and activities. Ages birth - 5.

American Sign Language Story Time

Read the book, Kami and the Yaks by Andrea Stenn Stryer. Told in American Sign Language for the hearing impaired, this story follows Kami, a deaf Sherpa boy, and his family as they carve out a life for themselves guiding families up the mountain on Yaks. When the Yaks go missing one day, Kami sets out to find them and is confronted by storms and separation from his family. Kami, however, finds the courage to bring the Yaks home. Ages 5 - 12.

Blue Sky Puppet Theatre "If Pigs Could Fly"

Travel with friends Chester, Buster and Suzy Pig as they go to the Library to participate in Summer Reading, “One World, Many Stories.” After talking to the children’s librarian, Mrs. Picklebottom, about their fantasy of flying to foreign countries to hear native stories, she suggests a staycation instead and recommends they read about the countries they want to visit. Ages 3 - 8.

Make Your Own Superhero with Artist Maryanne Pollock

Participate in a comic book character workshop. Create your own superhero character with a secret and public identity, costume and mission. Draw superheroes with exaggeration, expression and movement. Coordinate the action of the figure with dialog bubbles. Also, learn the origins of superheroes from around the globe and discover how they are similar or different. Ages 6 - 12.

I Wish, I Dream, I Promise: Make a Book to Celebrate You with Sushmita Mazumdar

Listen to Sushmita’s story about how she got her Buddhist Prayer Wheel in a tiny village 10,000 feet above sea level in the mountains of India. Hear how it inspired her to create a book of wishes and learn how to make your own. Ages 8 - 12


Learn about Japan and Japanese culture, from the Japan-American Society of Washington, D.C., through hands-on activities and demonstrations. Hear stories about the daily school life of Japanese children, learn a basic Japanese greeting and counting, and basic geography of Japan. For ages 7-12.

Living Classrooms

Explore and learn with hands-on activities that reveal the environmental impact of local waterways. Ages 6 and up.